Saturday’s Mobile Chowdown Could Give Seattle a Good Idea

Skillet’s poutine, courtesy of The SunBreak Flickr Pool member 7502winona

Seattle magazine, as a side order of their October issue street food coverage, have cooked up a cool idea, a Mobile Chowdown featuring some of Seattle’s favorite food trucks: Marination Mobile, Skillet, Maximus Minimus, Kaosamai Thai, Gert’s BBQ, El Camion, Parfait Ice Cream, and Dante’s Inferno Dogs.

It’s this Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at 1616 W. Bertona in Interbay. There’s also an ongoing Twitter contest for followers of @mobilechowdown. They’re asking one question each day from October 1 until October 10, (total of 10 questions) all having to do with the food trucks or the prize providers. The prize is dinner for two at Tilth Restaurant, a night at the Sorrento Hotel, and a year’s worth of Seattle magazine.

This is all very good. For a start. But the obvious question is why can’t I have my street food in one convenient location all the time? (Convenient, by the way, rules out Interbay.) This kind of forward-thinking is one more area in which Portland has Seattle beat. First of all, Food Carts Portland shames us with its very existence and abundance of wagon-prepared fare.

But secondly, Portland has a street food corral downtown, where a wagon train of street food vendors have set up shop on the perimeter of what I vaguely remember to be a parking lot. This is a stroke of genius. Downtown workers are always in a rush to get a cheap lunch.

We still have the chance to one-up PDX on this, though.

We could line Occidental Square with carts (or run them down the center). That would give people (besides our wishfully labeled “transient” population) a reason to sit down and enjoy the tables and chairs set out there. If we wanted to progressive about it, we could even use the rent the city charged the carts to fund homeless services in the area. Who do we talk to about getting this going?

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Mobile Chowdown Could Give Seattle a Good Idea

  1. To get occidental park going as a mobile food court. Something like pdx (Portland) It would be parks dept. It would be tricky though. We also need approval from (I believe it was the historic society) We had someone from parks working on getting Kaosamai Thai’s truck in there. (my truck). This was at least 2 years ago. We could ask her again, We got a whole different spin on it this time. Not one (1) truck, but 6 or 8 trucks.
    Plus previously mentioned by the author “we could even use the rent the city charged the carts to fund homeless services in the area.”
    I think it’s all going to depend on the Historic society.

    If this don’t work, we need a different lot, with lots of tall buildings near by. Anybody with suggestions?

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