Climate Change: Wrong Way on a One-Way Track

Closer to home, Mount Rainier’s glaciers have retreated, too.

The Copenhagen Diagnosis is out (23MB download here), authored by 26 researchers, one of whom is Eric J. Steig, professor of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington. The report updates the last IPCC assessment in 2007, with the general tone being that, even then, the speed of climate change was underestimated.

In just one instance, the area of the Arctic’s summer sea-ice that melted between 2007 and 2009 was about 40 percent more than the IPCC model average. Earlier, the models were off by as much as 80 percent: Over the past 15 years, the sea level has risen more than five centimeters, almost most double 2001 IPCC projections. At the time, various people dismissed those as “doomsday” predictions.

UW News quotes Steig as saying the Copenhagen Diagnosis “articulates a much clearer picture of what has to happen if the world wants to keep future warming within the reasonable threshold of 2 degrees Celsius that most scientists believe is prudent.”

Steig also says if you’ve been paying attention to research results since 2007, you may not be all that surprised. However, if you’ve been told repeatedly that climate change has stopped, or pointed toward the effects of solar forcing, you might be taken aback. So that is really what the “diagnosis” does, is survey the climate change field and bring everyone up to date.

It’s disquieting to read, then, that despite all the rhetoric around climate change, carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels in 2008 grew by 40 percent from 1990. That, too, was unanticipated. UW professor Edward Miles emphasizes to UW News that while the IPCC has consistently led with non-worst-case climate change forecasts, the growth in fossil fuel emissions since 2005 does exceed the worst-case scenarios of the IPCC.

The report concludes that to keep the sea level rising three to six feet, as ice caps and sheets reach a tipping point, we need to reduce CO2 emissions by…well, that‘s not going to happen. And I have bulletproof models of past political action to back me up on that. Maybe look into this option instead.

10 thoughts on “Climate Change: Wrong Way on a One-Way Track

  1. Would these conclusions be based on data from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit? Because there have been some recent developments regarding that data…

  2. It looks like two of the 26 contributors were associated with East Anglia, though I personally haven’t seen anything that would suggest “recent developments” have necessitated throwing out their data. [East Anglia’s CRU had their emails hacked, and people who somehow believe climate change science is driven by profit motive are excited about it.] So far as I can tell, no one at East Anglia has confessed to melting the Arctic ice, or raising sea level two inches.

  3. I don’t suppose there’s any hope you can pop outside there on Mars and take a look, can you?

  4. Of course the 26 are lying. Just look at the sea level curve, it is not up at all over the past ten years. This is total nonsense, why doesn’t this author just look at the data himself? Why does he trust the 26 liars who have all just been exposed as a bunch of scam artists? I think this portends global revolution next year, when every thinking person will see that everything our Governments have been doing for hundreds of years is part of a genocidalist scam? There are not too many people in the world, it’s just the gang of criminals running it are morons.

  5. You make a compelling point. Why *do* I trust the research of scientists all around the world over the word of someone who thinks everything our governments do is a “genocidalist scam”? Yikes.

  6. Exactly. You’re right that “everything Governments have been doing for hundreds of years is part of a genocidalist scam”.

    I guess that includes both institutionalizing and then rebuking slavery. How can both be genocidalist? I guess pretty much the same way that instituting then rebuking Prohibition could be. Have you ever tracked the consistency of our wacky Governments?

    Remember our Governments have also been responsible for providing Social Security and Medicare, putting humans on the moon (perhaps not ‘genocidalist’, but clearly a scam), spending billions of dollars on trying (with little success) to improve the lives of millions upon millions of poor people.

    Ah, the scheming of these genocialists are too clever! Somewhere, sometime, whole populations will die!!

  7. It’s very clear that global warming caused by human beings in the form of C02 emissions (which are completely harmless) is manipulated science. The science is being manipulated in order to create the fear-based environment necessary for a regional world government structure longed-for by the international central bankers and their cohorts in the UN, World Bank, and IMF.

    Fully sourced details are at . All data presented is sourced back to the UN and its partners.

    Read it and wake up, please.

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