"Legalize It" Initiative Now Goes by I-1068

The Secretary of State has just given the moniker I-1068 to the Sensible Washington initiative to legalize adult cultivation, transport, possession, and use of marijuana. Here’s the pdf of the initiative’s language. Now the group is waiting on approval from the Attorney General’s office.

“They have five business days to give us a neutral and impartial ballot title, ballot question and ballot summary,” says the Sensible Washington Facebook page. “If things go smoothly, we could be circulating [petitions] next weekend or sometime the week after.”

The group is still negotiating with banks over credit card processing for donations. Wells Fargo has refused to work with them, and PayPal, the obvious choice, has a history of freezing the accounts of drug reform groups who use their service. For now, supporters have no choice but to wrap their green in a paper envelope, lick it to seal, and fire it off via snail mail.

2 thoughts on “"Legalize It" Initiative Now Goes by I-1068

  1. Thought this logo was a bizarre stoner thing, til I clicked in and saw it was part of Sensible Washington. Ensible Wash sounds better to me.

    And yes, Legalize It

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