SunBreak Giveaway: <em>Rock ‘N’ Roll High School</em> and <em>Suburbia</em> on DVD

Shout Factory is well known for their releases of cult TV shows and movies on DVD. Today they opened the vault on legendary prolific low-budget director Roger Corman, in releasing Rock ‘N’ Roll High School and Suburbia. It’s the first two titles in Shout Factory’s Roger Corman’s Cult Classic series; I’m sure there’s plenty more where that came from.

Both films feature out-of-control teens from the ’80s and tons of music performances, including The Ramones (natch), T.S.O.L., The Vandals, and D.I., and both DVDs are chockfull of extras, like audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and original trailers and tv spots. This is actually the deluxe thirtieth anniversary edition of Rock ‘N’ Roll High School, if you can believe that. 

The SunBreak has two copies of Rock ‘N’ Roll High School and Suburbia to give away.  Enter below for your chance to win a DVD set.  We’ll be drawing two winners’ names Friday at noon.

3 thoughts on “SunBreak Giveaway: <em>Rock ‘N’ Roll High School</em> and <em>Suburbia</em> on DVD

  1. Shout Factory is doing all (or at least a great many) of the Roger Corman flicks – all the great classic schlock! I cant wait to get my hands on this (even if I don’t win)

  2. I remember some really great times when R&RHS came out. They used to do a Friday and/or Saturday night show at the Edmonds theater, I believe (forgive me, it was a while ago). They’d play RRHS and then the Heats/Heaters would come out and tear the place down. Absolutely kickass stuff. I went week after week. I remember early in the run, meeting the Heaters guitarist after the show – he was holding a broken guitar neck. “First time I ever did that” he explained. God, we were young.

    The movie is pretty campy, but the whole thing is really, really fun.

    Hey ho, let’s go!

  3. Yesss! I remember the first time I saw both of these films. R&RHS came on some channel that normaly showed monster movies late night on weekends that I always stayed up for. That started my mental break, and Suburbia completed my launch into a near life long crime spree. Much of the crimes were of a fashion nature directed against my hair!

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