The Week in (Non-Mark Morris) Dance: Molly Scott, Catherine Cabeen, and Alice Gosti

Jim Kent and Ellie Sandstrom in Scott/Powell Performance’s “Home.” Photo by Peter Mumford.

So yes, there’s one big dance event this weekend that everyone’s going to be paying attention to. But it would be a shame if that overshadowed a pair of shows from two of Seattle’s own leading choreographers, each with an impressive resume of her own, as well as a site-specific performance early next week that deserves consideration in its own right.

First up, tonight is the opening night of Scott/Powell Performance‘s Home, at the Erickson Theatre off Broadway (tickets $12-$15). I have to admit, when I saw this piece in a shorter form last year at NW New Works, I had mixed feelings about it at best. But with a year’s time to reflect, I’ve grown to appreciate Molly Scott’s sculptural vision, mixing, as she does, both a choreographic and visual art approach to her work, which certainly showed in the piece’s unique costuming and emphasis on subtle, repetitive movements.

Plus, extended to evening length, I imagine Home has lost most of the episodic feel that initially bothered me. And anyway, this piece features a remarkable line-up of dancers, including Beth Graczyk, Jim Kent, Jess Klein, Michael Rioux, Sean Ryan, Ellie Sandstrom, and Belle Wolf, the sort of people whose skill allows them to work wonders with subtlety.

Second, tomorrow night, choreographer and dancer Catherine Cabeen and Company is presenting an evening of mixed works called Form and Fluidity, at the Seattle Changing Room (tickets $15). Cabeen’s a remarkable dancer and choreographer, as anyone who’s seen her work knows. With her company and associated collaborators, Cabeen is exploring the “shifting intersections” between various means of communication, in a performance that promises to be charmingly intimate (the Changing Room is actually a yoga studio). Friday night is, unfortunately, already sold out, but tickets are still available for Saturday.

And finally, Tuesday, May 25, dancer and choreographer Alice Gosti is presenting a site-specific performance atop Kite Hill in Gasworks Park. Gosti, a dancer who, among other things, produces and curates the quarterly Modern Dance Behind the Pink Door series, is presenting DO While, performed by Gosti, Devin McDermott, and Meredith Mieko, explores “endlessness through body performance by juxtaposing physical endurance with spatial architecture.” Set before the backdrop of the city at twilight, the costumes feature lit elements which track the artists’ heartbeats, creating both a dramatic visual dynamic and a representation of the complex internal processes of the body. The performance is, of course, free to anyone who wants to come, but check back to its Facebook page, as this week’s performance was effectively rained out due to mud.