King Street Station Renovation Wins $18 Million from Feds

Seattle’s King Street Station restoration is one of 54 projects getting federal funding as part of a $2.4 billion push for high speed rail. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced the allocations yesterday, with King Street Station pulling in almost $18.3 million, a decision met with instantaneous, rapturous praise from every politician in earshot.

“In a tough economic environment, this grant allows us to continue critical King Street Station work and also add needed local jobs,” said Mayor Mike McGinn. “It underscores the station’s importance to northwest rail passengers and its significant place in Seattle’s history. My thanks to Congressman Jim McDermott and Senator Patty Murray for helping secure these vital funds.”

The City Council’s Richard Conlin also chimed in: “Seattle is honored to have King Street Station selected as one of the four Washington projects awarded this funding.  This grant will allow the Seattle Department of Transportation to continue retrofitting work at the King Street Station to restore the building to its original dignity, adding security features and ease-of-use enhancements.”

So just what do we get for $18 million? For one thing, we get to finish up the construction that’s ongoing, rather than run out of funds before it’s all finished up. $11 million has already been spent on restoration and improvements, says SDOT, and they provide this bullet list of things-left-to-do items:

  •     Complete essential seismic and structural upgrades to the station and its clock tower by 2012
  •     Enhance Amtrak’s operations through new ticketing, baggage and administrative space
  •     Double local jobs created by the project from 60 to 116 and better support nearby private development estimated to add at least 1600 jobs
  •     Restore dilapidated historic finishes and architectural detailing to their original grandeur
  •     Improve the station’s energy efficiency with a minimum goal of LEED Silver certification

One thought on “King Street Station Renovation Wins $18 Million from Feds

  1. It seems like this train station has had more facelifts than Joan Rivers and Jocelyn Wildenstein. Seems like every few years they’re trying once again to get it back to it’s glory days, whenever those were.

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