"Chai Couture" Fashion Show Dresses Up Washington Hall (Photo Gallery)

Thursday night was “Chai Couture, a Celebration of Jewish Fashion,” organized in part by the indefatigable Cameron Levin and sponsored by Jconnect. One of the informational signs on the tables mentioned that the historic Washington Hall was the home for plays given in Ladino, for the Sephardic community of Seattle, by Leon Behar. The Eli Rosenblatt Band played Afro-Cuban music, and everyone sipped at rum drinks spiced with sriracha, mixed by Liberty‘s Andrew Friedman. Above are some of the styles from Butch Blum, Jarbo, Katarina Yedidim, Karen’s Vintage Couture, Marge Design, and Cameron Levin. For hair, the applause goes to Reign Concept Salon (Scotty Provo), and make-up was in the capable hands of Gary Manuel Aveda Institute.