Mike Williams’ Incredible Catch, an Illustrated History

Sunday, during the Seahawks’ key win at Arizona, wide receiver Mike Williams made one of the most amazing one-handed catches this football fan has ever seen. And what makes it even more amazing? That Williams used his right hand. Thursday, he broke the pinky on that hand so badly, the bone was showing through the skin. Now, I’m not a medical doctor, but if I were, I would not be trying to catch footballs if my pinky was broke! Incredible. In case you missed the catch, we’re gonna break it down SunBreak-style.

The route Williams runs is as simple as there is in football: A skinny post. Run straight for 10 yards, then slightly diagonally toward the middle of the field. Above, you see Williams, tightly shadowed by Arizona linebacker Paris Lenon, about to make his diagonal cut.

Here comes the ball! As you can see, Williams’ left hand is tangled in Arizona safety Adrian Wilson’s body. His only shot? Stick his right hand out toward the ball, backhanded…

…guide it in into his body…

…and secure the catch by rolling onto Wilson and trapping it against his body.

Yup, just like they teach you in pee-wee football. Williams’ comeback–a former top draft pick, he was out of football for two years–has been the most amazing story of this Seahawks season. The Hawks have so much faith in Williams they traded away Pro Bowl receivers T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Deion Branch. Now Williams is on a pace for 82 receptions this year, which would be third-most in team history. Way to go, Mike!