Bumbershoot 2011: Loud Fast Rules (Photo Gallery)

[You’ve been reading Tony Kay in our e-pages for some time, so I am delighted to announce that Tony is stepping up his contributions here, and taking over the role of Music Editor at The SunBreak. A round of applause, a beer hoisted to his health, he’ll probably need it–ed.]

Instead of going the traditional route and posting my Bumbershoot 2011 slideshows chronologically, I thought it’d be fun to throw down the photos by rough category. And I reckon this is the roughest category, in a good way.

I’m cutting a broad swath here, mostly as an excuse to post some of my favorite Bumber-shots. Witchburn’s call-and-response traditional metal, Valient Thorr’s Warner-Brothers-cartoon-on-crystal meth groove rock, Red Fang’s brainiac metal, The Jim Jones Revue’s turbocharged Little Richard riffing, Thee Oh Sees‘s garage punk, My Goodness‘s stripped-down blues rock, Whalebones‘s narcotic grind, and You am I‘s hard-rocking power pop really only shared one commonality during Bumbershoot weekend: They all cranked their guitars to 11. Thank god.

If you’re interested in more loud/fast music photos, the SunBreak’s intrepid SlightlyNorth caught NoMeansNo, Atari Teenage Riot, and Anti-Flag, among others, documented here. Have fun, and rock on.

Power duo My Goodness throws down at the Exhibition Hall for Bumbershoot 2011. (photo by Tony Kay)
Tim Rogers of You am I. (photo by Tony Kay)
Tim Rogers of You am I defies gravity. (photo by Tony Kay)
Garage rocking it with Thee Oh Sees. (photo by Tony Kay)
No wallflower, he: Jim Jones of The Jim Jones Revue. (photo by Tony Kay)
Jim Jones belts it out on behalf of The Jim Jones Revue. (photo by Tony Kay)
Please help the SunBreak's Music Editor find his socks: The Jim Jones Revue knocked them off. (photo by Tony Kay)
Whalebones played their psych-rock loud at Bumbershoot 2011. (photo by Tony Kay)
Valient Himself, lead singer of Valient Thorr. (photo by Tony Kay)
Valent Thorr worship at the metal altar. (photo by Tony Kay)
North Carolina metal demons Valient Thorr on the Exhibition Hall Stage: September 3,2011. (photo by Tony Kay)
Guitar heroics from Witchburn. (photo by Tony Kay)


Witchburn's lead singer Jamie Nova brings her best Rob Halford to Bumbershoot 2011. (photo by Tony Kay)
Red Fang does their thang. (photo by Tony Kay)