Discover Seattle’s UW-to-SLU Mosquito Ferry

Say hello to my little friend! The Seattle Mini-Ferry docks near Agua Verde at the south end of Brooklyn St. in the University District. (Photo: Jonathan Dean)

Special to The SunBreak by Jonathan Dean

Serendipity happens. I spent last Saturday morning loading up my panniers at the Friends of the Seattle Public Library Book Sale at Magnuson Park, but picked up a flat riding back down the Burke-Gilman.

I ended up getting back to South Lake Union by boat—via the brilliant, audacious new Seattle Mini-Ferry, which started linking SLU with the University District three weeks ago.

Run by the same people who bring you the Sunday Ice Cream Cruise ($11 adults) out of Lake Union Park, the new ferry is a great addition to our city’s transit options.

Currently they run passengers back and forth from their UW dock at the foot of Brooklyn St. (near the Agua Verde kayak launch), on the hour, and the pier at South Lake Union Park, on the half hour.

UW departures on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday on the hour from the UW. 8am through 6pm. Friday & Saturday 8am through 9pm.

S. Lake Union Park departures (foot of Terry Avenue N.) on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday on the half hour from the UW. 8:30am through 6:30pm. Friday & Saturday 8:30am through 9:30pm.

Cost is $5; assuming it isn’t raining, it’s a delightful boat ride, and faster than biking, walking, taking the #30, or taking a car through bad traffic. They can take up to 14 passengers (and two bikes). Plans are underway to open another route linking South Lake Union with the landing just west and north of the Fremont bridge.

8 thoughts on “Discover Seattle’s UW-to-SLU Mosquito Ferry

  1. I e-mailed the owner a few questions.

    The trip takes 20 to 25 minutes. The boat leaves UW on the hour and SLU on the half hour.

    They had hoped to start earlier in the summer, but were held up getting permits. They’ll run through October if the weather holds up, and will start again in May.

  2. As someone who lives in Westlake and goes over to Eastlake more than a few times a week, I am SO excited about this!! No more Mercer traffic, no more bridges to cross– what a pleasant way to travel in the sunny months! Two questions. One, would you consider making one or two regular stops along the way? Like maybe over by all those yacht landings on the West side? Or by the Gasworks Park Marina? And two, would you offer discounted monthly passes for those who used the mini-ferry regularly?

  3. Seems like a fun idea, and would be perfect for getting to/from SL/UW! While $5 is okay for the occasional use, it does not promote routine users (especially since many UW folk have the Upass). I’m curious if there have been thoughts to have significantly reduced monthly passes as is done for the passenger ferries in Vancouver (e.g., or

    Looking forward to May :)

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