Seattle Wine and Food Experience Returns This Month

While I lament the loss of Lamb Jam and Cochon 555 (my two favorite food events are taking breaks this year, though watch for Lamb Jam in Portland), I can recommend an upcoming event for those seeking gastronomic satisfaction: the Seattle Wine and Food Experience.

When I think “experience,” what comes to mind is the almost hour-long multimedia show called “The New York Experience.” Shown in Manhattan’s McGraw-Hill Building, it tantalized tourists with the sights and sounds of the city that they could have experienced if they were outside instead of inside. Running for over fifteen years (from the early seventies to the late eighties), it was a core part of the “curriculum” of New York City field trips for Long Island-based students like me whose parents never took us to the big city. “The New York Experience” was the quick, easy, and safe way to get a taste of the exotic life.

In some ways, Seattle Wine and Food Experience is similar. It’s a crash course on some of the food and wine offerings in Seattle and beyond, but it’s live and it’s fun. Some of my favorite restaurants will be serving up sample dishes, including Cantinetta, Copperleaf, Spur (also the new, related Coterie Room), and Trellis, to name a few. Outnumbering the restaurants are a long list of breweries, wineries, and distilleries, so you’ll be able to taste an incredible selection of beer, wine, cider, and harder stuff.

Look for a large number of exhibitors (including specialty food purveyors) eager to educate you about their offerings. A few other highlights:

  • the always fun, chef demo stage emceed by Chef in the Hat Thierry Rautureau
  • the 6-7-8 Audi Lounge featuring Taylor Shellfish Oyster bar paired with sparkling wine
  • live music by the group FOUR
  • the Fonte Coffee Lounge

The coffee lounge is where you’d likely find me combating a food coma. With a delicious slice from A la Mode Pie.

By the way, you might want to dress up for this “experience,” as it will end just before your Oscar party. The Seattle Wine and Food Experience is Sunday, February 26 from noon to five at the Seattle Seattle Exhibition Hall. Tickets are currently available for $49.