Okay, Where’s Our Trip to Paris, Capital One?

Does anyone know any of the people shown here? During the big snowstorm of January ’12, Capital One, they of the Viking hordes who demand to know what’s in your wallet, set up a surprise encounter down near the Convention Center on Pike. They “dropped” a wallet containing a Capital One card on the sidewalk, and waited for someone to come by and pick it up.

If you did, voilà, instant Parisian street scene. (That’s the real, existing crêperie they’ve taken over, yes?) “What is this?” asks one befuddled Seattleite. “You’re in France!” replies the not-entirely-convincingly-accented waiter. “I’m in France,” repeats the Seattleite. “Oui! Mais oui!” says the waiter. “Awesome,” says the Seattleite, nonchalantly, ready to go with it.

This is all to persuade us to tell you about Capital One’s Venture travel card–Double miles! No blackout dates!–as if it’s news of some kind, and as if they didn’t just spend a million more dollars than they had to instead of just advertising on The SunBreak, which anyone can do for $100 per month. Sheesh.

Anyway, we will pass along the “news” that you can still enter to win a dream vacation by cropping yourself into an iconic destination, and explaining why you ought to go. Your entry will be voted on, so think viral, and then count the days until March 9, 2012, when the contest ends and the winner-picking begins:

At the close of the travel contest on March 9, a panel of judges will review the top-50 highest scored submissions and narrow down the field to 10 finalists. Travel expert Randy Petersen, of www.flyertalk.com, will then select the grand prize winner. Other prizes will include a $1,000 travel voucher for the most viral entry of the contest and 25 noise canceling headphones given to the top new five viral entries submitted every week.

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