Hot Octopus-on-Octopus Action, Care of the Seattle Aquarium

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when two octopuses get it on, wonder no more. The good folks at the Seattle Aquarium set up two of their eight-armed friends for Valentine’s Day and filmed the subsequent union:

The Octopus Blind Date was a success! On February 14, 2012 at noon we removed the barrier separating our male and female octopuses on exhibit for our Octopus Blind Date! After our female octopus, Mayhem, played hard to get for a little bit, both animals came together.

“Came together” indeed. Looks like the male octopus, Rocky, figured out that roses and Barry White will always get you laid. Good thing those two aren’t shy, as there were plenty of voyeurs on hand for the mating festivities, taking photos and even applauding the action.

All of this serves as a precursor to the Aquarium’s Octopus Week, starting this Saturday and running through the 26th. The cephalopod porn stars will be off to greener pastures soon, as Mayhem will be released into the Sound beneath the Aquarium pier during Octopus Week on February 18th, followed by Rocky on the 25th. Probably a good idea, unless you want to see a snuff film; turns out octopuses die shortly after mating.