Today in Squeeee: Otter Family Playtime at the Seattle Aquarium

In the latest cute video care of the Seattle Aquarium, the gang’s all here: the now month-old female otter pup, mom Aniak, and dad Lootas. Because who wouldn’t want to laze about in a kiddie pool full of ice? At the Aquarium’s blog, there’s another clip of the little one playing with an ice cube, if you need more cuteness to kick off your Friday.

Meanwhile, today’s the last day to vote on the new pup’s name. The name with the most votes will be announced on Monday, and the smart money’s on Shi Shi. Unless you want to punish the pup by naming her Sequim.

And if so-ugly-it’s-cute is your thing, check out this video of the brand-new baby aardvark at the Brookfield Zoo: