Tuesday is Modern Luv‘s Last Seattle Stand, Before New York Calls

Seattle soft-rock god Mark Siano is taking his cabaret-musical collaboration with not-so-soft-rock Opal Peachey, Modern Luv, on the road to New York City. To prepare for a smaller venue than Seattle’s Triple Door, where, Siano tells me, they had five well-sold shows, they’re holing up at the Rendezvous’ Jewelbox Theater for a one-night-only, 21+ show on April 10 (tickets: $15 advance).

“It’s an ‘Unplugged’ version,” Siano says, featuring a piano and a drum kit since the 65-seat theater doesn’t allow for much in the way of a band. But other than that, not all that much has changed. The Triple Door audiences laughed at all the right places, and one show sold out entirely. He’s tightened it up to a streamlined 90 minutes with no intermission, and changed a few Seattle-centric jokes that New York audiences wouldn’t be expected to get. A controversial “Seattle vs. New York” compare-and-contrast has stayed in the picture.

Modern Luv, like the “5th ACT’s” First Date, takes on love in a time of social media, but Siano says it’s “half-fiction, half-memoir.” He and Peachey are not an item, but they did “discover” each other online when Peachey showed up on YouTube covering a song Siano had, if I have this correctly, written the lyrics to. From this small spark, a “musical about cabaret performers” was born, with Siano and Peachey playing themselves in an alternate, rom-com universe. They spoke with Seattle Gay Scene about the show here.

Showman Siano is a man of many hats, so after his New York excursion, he returns, in a way, for Cafe Nordo’s May show, Cabinet of Curiosities. Set in Washington Hall, it’s a “a multi-room private collection of culinary exhibits,” and one of the rooms will be Siano’s creation. He’s also involved with the much-lauded and occasional sketch troupe The Habit–they’re preparing for a three-week run of a new show this November. (Full disclosure: We are also involved with at least one The Habit member, who pops up occasionally in these pages, and get your mind out of the gutter.)

Finally, because you’ve read this far, I can confirm that the “sparkle-tards” that Siano & Co. are accustomed to swanning about in are custom-made creations, from Sewing Specialties.