If It’s Saturday, It’s Neon Pop at The Josephine in Ballard


Golden Gardens (Photo: Odawni Palmer)

Golden Gardens (Photo: Odawni Palmer)

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On Saturday, February 23rd, local music label Neon Sigh presents for your enjoyment a neon pop quadruple-bill consisting of Golden Gardens, Kelli Francis Corrado, Lou-Lou Hernandez, and The Harvey Girls. Doors are at 8 p.m. at The Josephine in Ballard, $5 cover.

What is neon pop? Here we turn to our Neon Pop Correspondent, Odawni Palmer:

Neon Pop (n.) /ˈnēän päp/ : A type of music supported by local label Neon Sigh that is dreamy, fuzzy, spacey; sometimes with tremolo and massive distortion.

It is blissful shoegaze alchemy when Neon Sigh founder and bassist, Chris Bendix, joins Golden Gardens duo Aubrey Rachel Violet Bramble (vocals) and Gregg Alexander Joseph Neville (guitar, drum machine) on stage. Aubrey mesmerizes us with her haunting vocals and we’re not quite sure what she’s saying but that’s okay. Like Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Frasier’s dreamy-taffy voice, the lyrics are secondary.

Kelli Francis Corrado brings her helix of conventional and unconventional sounds, Lou-Lou Hernandez serves up a down-tempo beat-driven sound of cicada wings rubbing together akin to tunes like Sao Paolo on Flying Lotus’ record 1983, and The Harvey Girls rounds out the bill with psychedelic pop you can sway to.

Neon Sigh brings us music that piques and satiates our audial [Let’s roll with it — ed.] curiosity, and we like that. Randall Skrasek provides visual entertainment.