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O’Dea 69, Lakeside 51: O’Dea Players and Students in Midseason Form

metroleaguetuesdayWhen you’re singing Biz Markie in unison to throw off a free-throw shooter — like the O’Dea student section did Wednesday night — you are in midseason form.

When you’re driving baseline in two steps and flipping a reverse layin over a big man — like O’Dea wing Jamie Orme did Wednesday night — you are in midseason form.

The O’Dea boys basketball program picked apart Lakeside 69-51 Tuesday in the league opener for both teams. O’Dea’s perimeter defenders, Tyler Kidd and Jamie Orme, held Lakeside’s driving guards in check. O’Dea’s big men, 6’9” Jacob Lampkin and 6’7” Jamar Kemp (yes, he’s Shawn’s son), dominated the paint.

A few words about young Kemp, as I’m sure you’re curious. I don’t think I’m being unfair by saying that Jamar lacks his father’s athleticism and explosiveness — hell, 95% of current NBA players lack Shawn Kemp’s athleticism and explosiveness — but he has other strengths. The younger Kemp has, as the scouts say, an excellent basketball IQ. He always knows where he’s supposed to be on the court, and was calling out switches and directing players on defense. He has quick hands and a soft touch around the basket. He’s an excellent shot blocker. Kemp and Lampkin (who has committed to play DI ball at Pacific next year) are a good post duo; they could anchor O’Dea for a deep state tourney run.

Lakeside, which finished 2nd at state last year, clearly suffered from the loss of PG Tramaine Isabell, a Washington State commit who transferred to Garfield over the summer. O’Dea’s student section had some fun with the news, chanting “Gar-Field Prep School” at the Lakeside players. Isabell was unstoppable off the dribble, giving Lakeside a constant offensive option. His replacement at point guard, sophomore Isiah Brown, is a stellar guard—“easily one of the elite guards out west in his class,”—according to ESPN, but he doesn’t have Isabell’s quickness and struggled to find space against O’Dea’s solid defense.

Now, to the O’Dea student section. Not only did they have the topical Garfield chant, but toward the end of the game they decided to just get crazy, singing “And You Say She’s Just a Friend” to one Lakeside free throw shooter, and “Hey Mickey, You’re So Fine” to another. The Irish students stood the whole game, cheered wildly the whole game, and generally gave the place some energy. From Lakeside’s student section? Not a peep. I’m not sure if they even had one. Lakeside students, I know you have better things to do than travel to First Hill on a Tuesday to watch high school basketball, but…wait, I actually have nothing to say to that, you literally probably are doing more important things than I am and you are in high school. But, hey, when I was at Garfield we won a state basketball championship SO THERE!

This article has taken a dark turn, so I will stop here except to say that O’Dea’s 6’6” senior wing Jamie Orme was an absolute revelation; he showed quickness and fearlessness going to the basket as in the aforementioned drive at the open of this piece, and he dunked. You always like to see a good dunk at a high school basketball game. The scouting services say Orme’s not been offered a scholarship, but I can’t see why not. SU coach Get with it, local college basketball coaches—Lord knows you need all the help you can get.

Seahawks/Rams: My Prediction, My Hope, My Fear

Rams Zombie Garden GnomeWhat I Think Will Happen: The Seahawks’ Defense Dominates, The O Plays Ball Control, Hawks win 24-3.

  • Rams backup QB Kellen Clemens, who’ll start for the injured Sam Bradford, tries not to make mistakes despite being swarmed by the Hawks’ pass rush; he takes sacks and throws the ball away. The Rams get fewer than 12 first downs.
  • The Rams’ running game, which averages just 3.2 yards per attempt, 4th-worst in the NFL, gives Clemens no relief.
  • The Seahawks play conservatively on offense, avoiding the turnovers that let Arizona stay in last week’s game, and score a moderate number of points mostly due to outstanding field position.

What I Hope Will Happen: The Seahawks’ Defense Dominates, The O Exploits the Rams’ Weak Pass Defense, Hawks win 38-0

  • Clemens tries to force throws under pressure and the Seahawks corral numerous interceptions (Clemens has thrown 9 INTs in his 13 career starts).
  • The Hawks turn Russell Wilson loose against the Rams’ pass defense, which is ranked 30th in the league by Football Outsiders.
  • With the St. Louis Cardinals hosting Game 5 of the World Series at the same time as the Rams host the Seahawks, ecstatic Hawks fans make it feel like a home game.

What I Fear Will Happen: The Rams’ Top 2 Talents Have Career Games, Lead St. Louis to a 28-24 Win

  • Speedy rookie WR Tavon Austin gives the Hawks the same problems that Colts’ WR T.Y. Hilton did two weeks ago, getting open against the Hawks’ big corners and breaking a couple of long TDs early.
  • The Hawks, still playing with backups at both offensive tackle positions, can’t stop Rams defensive end Robert Quinn, who’s 7th in the NFL with 7 sacks and has forced 4 fumbles.
  • The Seahawks, with a conservative game plan against the offensively-challenged Rams, wait too long to get the passing attack going and run out of time to come back in the game.

The Rams and Seahawks play at 5:30pm PST tonight in St. Louis, the game will be televised on ESPN. You can buy that Rams’ zombie garden gnome for $17.80 on eBay, and connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more gold like this. 

Seahawks/Cardinals: My Prediction, My Hope, My Fear

Cardinals' Fake Retro Patch
Cardinals’ Fake Retro Patch (They Moved to Arizona in 1988)

What I Think Will Happen: The Seahawks sneak out of town with a 13-10 win.

  • The Hawks, with the NFL’s best passing defense, shuts down the Cardinals’ pass-heavy 3-WR offense.
  • The Cardinals’ frightening defensive front seven limit Marshawn Lynch to short runs and chase Russell Wilson.
  • Wilson once again conjures a win with a few timely scrambles and a TD toss on a broken play.

What I Hope Will Happen: Carson Palmer hands the Hawks a 27-3 win.

  • Palmer, who’s already thrown 11 interceptions this year (that’s 2nd-worst in the NFL), throws 4 more against the Hawks, including a pick-six by Earl Thomas.
  • Russell Wilson picks apart the Cardinals’ overly-aggressive defense.
  • Golden Tate finally gets his first career punt return for a TD.

What I Fear Will Happen: Cards’ D Overwhelms, Hawks Lose 24-6

  • The Cards’ defensive trio of Darnell Dockett, Calais Campbell, and Karlos Dansby stuffs Lynch and repeatedly sacks Wilson, keeping the Hawks out of the end zone.
  • Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald hook up on a TD pass and shifty rookie running back Andre Ellington breaks off several long runs.
  • Recent special teams screwups prove to be a trend, not an anomaly—another blocked kick or long return leads to an Arizona score.

What You Need to Know: Sports Edition, October 14

Sidney Rice Catch
Sidney Rice’s Remarkable Sideline Catch

Oregon trounced the Huskies (again), the Seahawks won an unexpectedly close game, and the Sounders’ fall continued.

Executive Summary:
Despite a raucous crowd, the excitement of ESPN GameDay on campus, and a new Oregon-like offense, the Huskies still must bow down to Oregon after a 45-24 loss, their 10th straight loss to the Ducks.

The Seahawks fumbled four times — one of which was returned for a touchdown — but survived for a 20-13 win against Tennessee. The Hawks’ D gets the game ball: they picked off two passes, and they didn’t allow the Titans’ offense to reach the end zone.

The Sounders probably deserved better than a 1-0 loss to Portland — they hit the crossbar twice with shots — but a loss it is. The Sounders are now winless in their last 5 games, but remain just 1 win (or a San Jose or Colorado loss) from clinching a playoff berth, with two games remaining.

And, if you want to sound smart around the water cooler:

Say: Has Sigi lost control of the Sounders?

The Portland loss was marred by an Osvaldo Alonso red card; Alonso was sent off for an off-the-ball elbow to Will Johnson’s face. Alonso’s undisciplined play adds more fuel to the “Fire Sigi” movement, which is now reaching bonfire status among some in the fan base.

Say: Did Pete Carroll cost the Seahawks 7 points on Sunday?

The scenario: The Seahawks had the ball on the Tennessee 2. Kicker Steven Hauschka was in the locker room getting checked for a concussion after a hard tackle on a kickoff, which meant that punter Jon Ryan would try the field goal and, since Ryan is normally the holder, backup holder Chris Maragos would spot the ball. Maragos dropped the snap, then inexplicably attempted to wind up for a pass; the Titans swatted the ball away and returned it for a touchdown. Should Carroll have just gone for a TD instead? After the game, he said he should’ve, though some of his players thought he made the right call.

Say: Who’ll be the Huskies’ Phil Knight?

Oregon’s 10th-straight win over Washington proves that Nike boss Phil Knight’s many millions in athletic donations have been well spent. The Huskies have many well-heeled donors, but no one as rabid and wealthy as Knight. C’mon Jeff Bezos; who needs the Washington Post when you could have a National Championship football team?

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Seahawks Sunday Supper: Tennessee Titans

titans onesieThe Seahawks are favored by two touchdowns on Sunday when they host the Tennessee Titans, so I fully expect them to win. But. I do have some reservations. Here they are.

1) Huge, Disruptive DT Jurrell Casey
One of the better young defensive linemen in the game, Casey is a beast of a man at 6-foot-1, 305 pounds. 305 pounds! For a reference point, Barack Obama is 6-foot-2, 184 lbs. Casey is having a breakout season, with 12 tackles, 3 sacks and 2 passes batted down on the year. Here’s Grantland’s Robert Mays raving about him. Casey is smart, strong, and terrific against the run. The Seahawks’ line, especially right guard J.R. Sweezy, will have their hands full…if Casey proves too much to handle, he could single-handedly stymie the Hawks’ offense.

2) Quick, Elusive WR Kendall Wright
The Titans’ leading receiver is similar to the Colts’ T.Y. Hilton, who scorched the Hawks for 140 yards and 2 TDs last week. The Seahawks start two big cornerbacks in Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner; they are meant to match up against bigger receivers. A smaller guy like Hilton or Wright has an advantage. If you’re a hardcore Seattle sports fan, you may remember Wright from the batshit insane 2011 Alamo Bowl: Wright was Baylor’s leading receiver in that game.

3) Unpredictable, Risk-Taking QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
The Titans’ backup QB, starting because of an injury to former Washington star Jake Locker, is the personification of the David vs. Goliath strategy. A Harvard grad without the physical gifts needed for NFL QB stardom, Fitzpatrick stays in games with risky passes — he frequently tries to sneak passes into tight windows or attempting Brett Favre-like improvised flips — and wild scrambles. Fitzpatrick threw 54 interceptions in the past three seasons as a starter for Buffalo, third-most in the NFL. He also had 23 fumbles in that timespan, 8th-most in the NFL. Fitzpatrick tries shit, and usually fails. But against a clearly superior team like Seattle, Fitzpatrick’s style has the best chance to lead the Titans to an upset win.

The Seahawks play Tennessee at 1:05 on Sunday. The game will be televised on CBS, with Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf announcing. Tickets are going from $119-$991 on StubHub.

PRO TIP: Titans’ corner Alterraun Verner likes to jump routes and get interceptions, he leads the NFL in interceptions with 4. In my view, Russell Wilson is too smart to fall into Verner’s trap. Look for the Hawks to exploit Verner’s aggressiveness and get a long bomb against him.

And you can buy that used Titans onesie for $3.99 on eBay.

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What You Need to Know: Sports Edition, October 7

Instant replay refs called this a drop, ending a Husky comeback.
Instant replay refs called this a drop, ending a Husky comeback.

The Huskies and Seahawks both lost heartbreakers, and the Sounders got obliterated.

Executive Summary:
The Huskies and Seahawks both had similar experiences — losing close games on the road where they outplayed the other team but lost anyway due to special teams mistakes and questionable officiating. The Huskies’ 31-28 loss at Stanford began with the Dawgs allowing the opening kickoff to be returned for a touchdown, and ended with replay officials overturning a 4th-down Huskies catch that would’ve extended a possible game-winning drive.

The Seahawks lost 34-28 to Indianapolis after dominating the first half but establishing only a two-point lead after the Colts blocked a field goal and returned it for a TD. In the second half, Indianapolis put together 2 long TD drives, helped by multiple pass interference calls; the Seahawks could only manage field goals.

The Sounders absorbed a 5-1 loss at Colorado; they gave up a goal 14 seconds into the match and were behind 4-0 at the half. Let’s just forget about this one, except to say that Eddie Johnson scored the goal, his 9th of the season.

And, if you want to sound smart at the water cooler:

Say: “Is ASJ going to turn his season around?”

Husky tight end Austin Sefarian-Jenkins was a preseason All-American, but had an offseason DUI, was suspended for spring practice, and broke a pinkie that caused him to miss most of training camp. Against Stanford, he dropped a late-game pass that would’ve put the Dawgs in range of a game-tying field goal.

Say: “Can Russell Wilson hold up all season?”

Five games into 2013, Wilson has been sacked 15 times and has 40 rushing attempts — he’s on a pace to take 48 sacks and rush 128 times. In all 16 games last year, Wilson was sacked 33 times and had 94 rushing attempts. We know why — the Hawks are missing their two best pass protectors, starting left tackle Russell Okung, and starting right tackle Breno Giacomini. Still…can Wilson’s body handle the extra wear-and-tear?

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