Binging on Brains in Brussels, Belgium

Just finishing up a first week in Belgium.

While this predictably means lots of chocolate and cheese, as well as waffles, fries, and beer, this food writer has also been feasting on a lot of offal. Most memorable was my first meal of the trip, following a quick train ride from Brussels Airport to Viva M’Boma.

After considerable contemplation of the menu, my partner and I settled on two delicious entrees: a mix of veal kidneys and sweetbreads, as well as pot-au-feu with veal cheeks, oxtail, and marrow. Even better, though, was an appetizer of calf’s brain “meuniere,” served warm with butter and onions.

The seafood’s been great here, though the simplistic preparations make me miss the bold flavors I find in Seattle. So the smart move has been to search menus for dishes like brains, which are sadly lacking in my beloved Seattle.