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The SunBreak is a conversation with Seattle.

We’re here to talk with everyone from politicos, chefs, and athletes, to artists, filmmakers, musicians, scientists, and neighborhood activists. Think of us as a little ray of sun shining through that infamous Seattle chill — a group of friendly people who won’t keep quiet and mind our own business.

We encourage like-minded Curious Georges to contribute to the site (send your pitches or inquiries to editor@thesunbreak.com), but if you’d rather just sit back and read, we won’t judge.

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Publisher & Emeritus Editor 
Michael van Baker [email] [twitter]

Managing Editor
Tony Kay [email] [twitter] 

Food & Travel
Jay Friedman [email]

Grunge Music
Clint Brownlee [email]

Classical Music
Philippa Kiraly [email]

Josh Bis [email] [twitter]

Managing Editors Emeritus
Chris Burlingame
Audrey Hendrickson

Arts Editor Emeritus
Jeremy M. Barker

Arts Intern Emeritus
Leah Vendl


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The SunBreak doesn’t usually pay the expenses of reviewers. Often the reviewer(s) pay(s) out of pocket, but they can also be the guest of the host, or given a media discount. We make it clear that these arrangements represent neither a guarantee of a favorable review, nor even a guarantee of coverage. Whenever possible, we distinguish editorially between events at which we are guests, rather than paying customers. We alert readers to any other arrangements on an article-by-article basis.

In general, our performing arts reviews and festival coverage relies on tickets or admission provided by the hosting organization, as is common practice. Books and CDs are often provided for review by artists, publishers, and labels. Some food-and-travel reporting includes discounted or free accommodations, which helps make visiting several places in one trip possible.

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