On Screen: Recommendations for Thanksgiving Weekend

The Body Remembers When the World Broken Open (2019 | Canada | 105 minutes | Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers & Kathleen Hepburn)

Around this time of year I want to be more aware of Native American (and generally native peoples around the world) and their contributions. While this film looks painful and hitting straight to the heart of some very sensitive matters, it also looks well-written and well-acted. While I would much rather watch a film in the theater and experience it not only with my own reactions but those around me, I admit that something so intense might be good experienced streaming at home so you can be honest with your own feelings and let all of it in (and out). I will be absorbing all I can of this film and will hopefully be able to put a few words together about it to share. (Nov 27th Northwest Film Forum / Streaming on Netflix)

Special Double Holiday Suggestion:

Gremlins (1984 | USA | 106 minutes | Joe Dante)

Die Hard (1988 | USA | 131 minutes | John McTiernan)

Be honest with yourself, even if you don’t like one or both of these films, it doesn’t really feel like the Christmas season unless you see a commercial touting “Yippy Ki Yay Mutha******” or “Welcome to the party pal!”, even if the ad has nothing to do with Die Hard. The same goes for that fuzzy little calico-colored face with big eyes and even bigger ears; I just can’t imagine the holidays without ‘im. While I don’t get a chance to see both of them every year around this time, The Beacon has made it insanely easy for you to do just that. They’re showing Gremlins and Die Hard one after the other three nights in a row this weekend. If you already have plans, take heart, Die Hard continues to play through next Thursday and Gremlins has one additional showing on Wednesday 12/4. Seeing them in the theater just adds that kick of nostalgia that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. So, get on out there and kick the holidays off right with tiny adorable fuzzles riding around in toy cars and an evil German falling out a 35th floor window to his death. Ho ho ho! (Together at Beacon Nov 29th – Dec 1st, additional showings through Dec. 5th)