FILM NEWS: Movies in the time of Coronavirus

SIFF 2020 IS NO MAS: This is a big one, albeit not surprising but no less heartbreaking, and Josh posted about it on Wednesday afternoon. If you haven’t seen it yet, Tony compiled a list of ways you can support local theaters, including SIFF and (especially, IMO) its furloughed employees.

Three Dollar Bill’s 25th Anniversary Gala was also postponed, the new date is June 12.

Speaking of Three Dollar Bill Cinema, their Translations Festival remains scheduled for May 7-10.

The Cadence Video Poetry Festival is also still on, for April 15-17 in Seattle.

The Local Sightings Festival is currently taking submissions now! They opened on March 13 and you have until June 15 (regular deadline) to get your film in. The festival is scheduled for September 18-27.

There’s always Butt Boy. While most movies are delaying their release date or moving to VOD/streaming platforms ahead of schedule, the genre hit Butt Boy is, so far, planning on maintaining April 3 limited-theater release date. I would be very, very, very surprised if this continues.

You have the time, but will you have the content? Disney and Netflix are halting production of some projects, including the next season of “Stranger Things.”

Here’s some happy news: read this story of filmmaker Megan Griffiths getting married in the middle of COVID-19 social distancing in the Seattle Times.